Exalted (Sacred Book, #2) Farrah Naseem



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Exalted (Sacred Book, #2)  by  Farrah Naseem

Exalted (Sacred Book, #2) by Farrah Naseem
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The Sequel to Sacred, Exalted continues Sasha & Ariston’s story.When the Friary Lord, Rhys Knight, shows up in Sasha Stryker’s bedroom with promises of revealing secrets about her past, she can’t help but be curious. After all, he is the only one even remotely willing to explain her abilities to her.Ariston Kavanagh, the love of her sixteen-short-years life, is strangely mute when it comes to Sasha’s questions about Zathea’s legend, insisting it had nothing to do with her.

If that’s true, then how does one go about explaining her ability to see Weres through their mist or to hear them in their Were form?Then there’s Naomi Terranova, who is now openly stalking Sasha, threatening her with dreadful consequences for being Ariston’s “chosen one”.

And when strange men – definitely not Friaries – show up around town that no one but Sasha can see, her stalker list grows…

Enter the sum

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