Jessie and the Superbrat (The Babysitters Club, #27) Ann M. Martin

ISBN: 9780590550291

Published: 1992


129 pages


Jessie and the Superbrat (The Babysitters Club, #27)  by  Ann M. Martin

Jessie and the Superbrat (The Babysitters Club, #27) by Ann M. Martin
1992 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 129 pages | ISBN: 9780590550291 | 4.66 Mb

jessis little sister is obsessed with a TV show called p.s. 163. in fact, a bunch of kids in stoneybrook watch it. jessi is surprised to learn that the kid who plays waldo, the science nerd, is originally from stoneybrook. she intends to bring it up at the next BSC meeting, but is even more surprised when the kids mom calls to say they are back in town while the show is on break & she needs a sitter.

jessi is the only one available to take the job, so she has a chance to meet derek masters in the flesh & ply him with questions about his acting career.derek is willing to answer jessis questions, but is quick to change the subject when he can. jessi begins to realize that derek just wants to go back to his normal life in stoneybrook instead of having everyone fawn all over him.

but his first day at school is a disaster. a reporter from the stoneybrook news is there to interview him, the girls are all lovestruck, & the boys make fun of him for wearing make-up on set. he tells jessi that one kid in particular, john, really bullies him. john threw dereks lunch all over the cafeteria, spilled his books all over the playground & stole his math homework, knocked him off the monkey bars, & tied his shoes together in gym class. jessi calls john a superbrat & wonders how she can repair the rift between the two.meanwhile, jessi is trying out for a part in the stoneybrook civic centers production of swan lake.

her auditions are going well, but jessi wants the part more than she is willing to admit to herself. she starts asking derek for tips on getting into modeling & acting, figuring that its got to be less stressful than ballet. her parents agree to let her call agents & find out what shed need to do to switch hobbies. the more she gets into the acting/modeling idea, the more hopeless she feels about her chances of landing a part in swan lake.derek gets a part in a TV movie, so the family is moving back to los angeles sooner than they planned.

jessi suggests that the babysitters arrange a surprise going-away party for derek. they decide on a breakfast theme, with cereal, bagels, & doughnuts, & all the sitters in bathrobes. they invite dereks entire class, & the party goes really well. no sign of any kid acting like a the end of the book, jessi gets a part as a swan in swan lake & realizes that ballet is her real passion after all. she ditches her acting/modeling plans. she stops by the masters house to say goodbye to derek & asked him about the superbrat.

derek confesses that he was the superbrat, doing mean things to other kids because they made fun of him at first over his acting. but once the kids started being nice to him, he was nice back.thats pretty much it. why are jessi books always a little dull? maybe because i dont care about ballet or any of the other crap jessi gets up to. i also wasnt crazy about the really kid-centric plot.

wah wah, dereks peers are jealous of his acting career & he acts out, but then somehow magically everyone becomes friends in the end. isnt stoneybrook a magical place? it was kind of hilarious when jessi asked derek if he knows nicky pike, & he says, nickys a great guy.

what a hollywood way to phrase it, especially coming from an eight-year-old.

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