The Will Of God: Bringing My Children Home Robert Weltman


Published: May 19th 2014



The Will Of God: Bringing My Children Home  by  Robert Weltman

The Will Of God: Bringing My Children Home by Robert Weltman
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There’s not a problem that you’ve got that God can’t solve! Described as pure “spiritual elevation”, The Will of God: Bringing My Children Home explains the healing process as taught by the God of unconditional love to Dr. Weltman. The book details Dr. Weltman’s journey through meditation, prayer and healing, directed by God, providing you, as well, the tools to get you on your way back home. The book speaks of how human uneasiness consumes us and how we must permit God to return us to a spiritually based life grounded in supreme self-confidence and unshakable faith.

The book explains that we have two minds: the human mind of this world and the divine mind of the spirit world. The human mind causes sickness, fears, worries and woes. The divine mind brings an everlasting sense of worth, wellness, love and peace. The Creator of all knows how to deliver the healing that enables the surrender of the human mind and recovery of our divine mind.

This in turn allows us to overcome the troubles of this world and to joyfully help others in similar fashion before we ultimately are called to return home to heaven. Solicited by the author, God provided the title for this book. Unsolicited by the author, God most generously supplied three further endorsements for the book’s quality stating, 1. “This book has won God’s seal of approval”, 2. “This book speaks of Me and for Me, I choose to speak for it. It provides you with Me in the sense and scope of My healing power and salvation mission.

I cherish it’s contents”, 3. ”Feast upon the love of God”. We can’t wait for you to experience God’s involvement in and delivery of your ultimate healing- the will of God.

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